Writing practise 

I thought I would return to this blog to do just that, practise writing. I’m pondering retirement (about bloody time) but I’ll need something to do to avoid sinking into the bog of boredom, depression and daytime TV. Nurture my creative inner child and write stories. Or maybe become an artisan baker – bread only, I’ll leave the cakes to Kim. I won’t be crafting or knitting because nothing is more frustrating than trying to do things I can’t. When I was a kid I couldn’t even get the hang of those wooden bobbin dollies that churned out pointless ropes of knitted wool. I knitted a jumper for James when he was a toddler and it was crap, poor kid.

I wouldn’t mind growing some decent veg. My herbs are doing well though!

Bread making, writing and herb growing then. I’ll do a bit more exercise and self-care, but i refuse to become MS obsessed – that way madness lies.

For now though, I’ll carry on working. I suppose.


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